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Our tax advisory services cover all tax-related issues referred to us by our clients. These services cover all areas of tax law, including the following:

  • Tax review ;
  • Assistance with tax audits and litigation;
  • Tax advice and consultations;
  • Assistance in preparing annual tax returns; annuelles ;
  • Negotiation of special tax regimes;
  • Investment optimization;
  • Tax optimization for corporate or professional groups;
  • Assistance in defining tax policies;
  • Assistance with tax risk mapping;
  • Assistance with transfer pricing;
  • Tax training and manual writing.


Our assistance in legal matters consists of providing our expertise on every issue that our customers bring to our attention on a daily basis in this field. To know more :

  • Legal advice ;
  • Legal secretary ;
  • Company formation ;
  • Contract drafting ;
  • Corporate restructuring;
  • Drafting of legal procedure manuals;
  • Management and resolution of legal disputes;
  • Optimization of the corporate legal function;
  • Foreign exchange regulations ;
  • Accompanying investors ;
  • Public-private partnership;
  • Training and Newsletter ;
  • Accomplishment of publicity formalities with the various players;
  • Legal and tax review;
  • Consultations on written or oral legal issues: corporate law, contract law, labor law, financial law, securities law, foreign exchange regulations, banking law, etc.


We provide ongoing or ad hoc assistance in social matters, in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions applicable in this area, which we are bound to respect.
This assistance is defined as follows:

  • Drafting employment contracts;
  • Social counseling;
  • Expatriate management (work permits and visas, residence, exit);
  • Management of individual relations ;
  • Collective relations management;
  • Management of relations with the authorities;
  • Social compliance audit;
  • Assistance with CNPS and labor inspections;
  • Conflict management and resolution;
  • Assistance in preparing annual social declarations;


Our assistance and advice in customs matters consists of analyzing all our customers’ current or specific concerns in this area.

This assistance is aimed at :

  • Maintain a customs watch by providing your company with up-to-date legal and regulatory information;
  • Ensure that declarations of imported or exported goods are effective;
  • Analyze your company’s customs situation, identify latent risks and make recommendations to reduce them;
  • Verify the accuracy of import and export duties paid on goods;
  • Assist with customs and exchange controls;
  • Assist with post-clearance controls.


The training courses offered by the firm cover a wide range of fields: legal, tax, social, customs, management, marketing, sales, accounting, etc. Our seminars are aimed at the public, agricultural and private sectors, and cover almost every field. They are aimed at senior executives, managers, supervisors, employees, etc …

  • Inter-company training;
  • In-company training;
  • Specialized training;
  • Customized training;
  • Individualized training;
  • Lunch debates;
  • Technical days;


In the technical study of your project, we suggest that you detail all the resources required to ensure the production of your objectives. This is particularly important, as all the resources at your disposal constitute costs and expenses for you, the total of which represents the physical investment envelope for your project.

Our project study expertise covers :

  • Ensuring the legal security of the project;
  • Assessment of tax risks and benefits;
  • The project’s financial package ;
  • Final project set-up.